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The GS Style Guide: 8. Stockings Styles

If wearing sandals or open-toe heels, never choose a skin tone colour - it is really not a good look. On one hand matching tights to the skin tone and on the other hand by wearing an open shoe showing that it is all fake. But if it is essential then here is tip how to do it:

Make sure to pull the toe seam to the very tip of the toes, or try to tuck it under the top of the foot if it's comfortable to walk on, or simply choose the tights in darker shade or pattern/texture, which have a higher denier and are not see through. Use a sandal toe, which is a toe designed to be worn with open toe
footwear to give a more naked appearance to the toes, contrasting with the standard "reinforced toe" that is very visible and more suited to wearing under court shoes and other closed styles.

A reinforced toe will give extra strength and provide protection from runs, but again should only be worn with closed-toe high heels when choosing them in skin tone colours.

Black is an all rounder for all seasons and occasions and will always look smart and elegant. It gives a clear outline to the legs and it has a slight slimming effect.

Keep in mind that the hosiery is pulling the outfit together rather doing the opposite, which means don't choose the wrong denier for the outfit or the style and pattern for the calf size, body shape and height.
Wear the appropriate denier for weather and occasion. E.g.In winter avoid wearing summer tights (lower deniers) with winter or cold weather. It will make the look inappropriate and look completely underdressed due to the heavy clothes fabric so will overpower the light tights rather complementing each other in style.

Hosiery is available in different finishes, including matte, slight sheen and shiny. Matte hosiery is smart and subtle and suitable for any occasion. Hosiery with a slight sheen softens the appearance of the legs and gives an elegant appearance suitable for both day and evening wear. A shiny finish will draw attention to the legs, so is more suitable for slim legs. All hosiery will eventually get runs and pulls. So always have spares at the ready.

The most common hosiery styles

Opaque stockings are on point these days and come in almost any colour. Stockings settle well for any outfit. Add classic black to a structured romper and a turtleneck to get this edgy look. It works great for really short dresses, skirts and shorts.






Sheer stockings look best in black or very see-through nude. Wear nude stockings to create a clean look.
Nude stockings are a great pick for formal wear under pencil skirts and shift dresses. While black stockings would look better with winter outfits.

Edgy Fishnets
To ramp up the sex appeal of an outfit, you can never go wrong with fishnet stockings. Create an edgy or punk look by styling fishnet stockings with distressed jeans and style it with a bodycon dress for your Friday night clubbing scenes.

Textured or Patterned
Floral or heart patterns are embellishments that are very much in fashion right now and can incorporate this trend with stockings too. Using patterned stockings can very quickly look wrong or trashy or just draw too much attention on the legs and away from the face. If using a pattern, stick to a subtle pattern in one colour. Ensure the pattern blends in with the outfit and it can look great. Make sure to pair them with cool high heels. If wearing patterned stockings, wear solid coloured outfits.


Polka Dots

Polka Dot Print
Make it quirky with this spotty stockings. These classic polka-dot stockings can be paired with maxis, camisole dresses and even long skirts. Compliment these stocking with a pair of high heels and the wearer is ready to steal everyone’s heart!

White is the NEW Black
Although black is known as the go-to colour when it comes to stockings, white can be just as chic – and far more authentic. Another bonus: they can make coloured shoes really pop like a marquise diamond.


GS Ambassador Anja Liesa

Add some sparkle
Fishnets often have intents of grunge when it comes to the catwalk. However, these stockings have been given a very girly update by adding sparkly embellishments. These would work well for a special occasion – team with a champagne satin slip dress and dainty heels.

Embrace Lace
Lace detailing is such a classy way to make an outfit look divine. Lace stockings can be a great way of adding a little texture into the look – and injecting a bit of attitude in the way a bare leg would not.

Ripped Stockings
There’s nothing more annoying than pulling on a brand-new pair of stockings only to rip them seconds later. These delicate stockings have caused plenty of grief over the years. No matter how careful the wearer, the rips just seem to be inevitable. But now this became a fashion! Ripped stockings are also a kind of stockings that people are preferring these days. Get in style with these ladder stockings. Why invest money when you can get best out of waste?




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