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About Glamour Stockings

Glamour Stockings

Every Girl Deserves A Great Pair Of Stockings 

"Always be slightly overdressed" one of the many mottos we strive to live by.

We all know how much first impressions count and it's always nice to be remembered as the best-dressed person at any event - not to mention you'll never be asked to carry any boxes or wash any dishes !

Life should be FUN!

Elegance should be automatic, it makes us feel human. Self-expression is a very necessary and FUN part of life. Whether you prefer to blend-in or stand-out, your personality shines through in your choice of garments and style.

Wearing the right clothes sets the tone and gives inner self-confidence to the wearer. Feeling well-presented can make the difference as confidence shines through attracting positive energy and pleasant reactions.

We are all too aware of how difficult it can be, searching online for hours to find the perfect pair of stockings or hold-ups, the right size, colour etc. It can take the romance right out of the moment! we compiled a list of the different places around the world where we had managed to source great quality items from over the years and brought them all together here in harmony for you.

Glamour Stockings was created take the pain out of finding the Best Quality, Elegant Legwear.

Life is Beautiful

We collaborate with many of the world's leading brands and distributors to bring together a beautiful, amazing and constantly evolving selection of the finest Luxury Brand Stockings, Hold-Ups and Fashion Socks to put the zest in every occasion, suitable for everyday wear, work, special occasions, weddings, and of course any evening that it might just take your fancy!

WORLDWIDE SEARCH. People you can trust and rely upon With over 25 years of international sales, logistics and marketing experience, our ethos, as reflected by our product selection, is first and foremost; Transparency and to focus exclusively on great quality, excellent selection and with a price that relates.

We partner with the very best designers and manufacturers from around the world and we deal with everything from our office in Denia, Spain.

One point of contact for you, bringing together an entire community of high-class, reputable designers and manufacturers.

We have taken care of every detail on your behalf prior to placing any product in our shop. This means you are covered, from the point you order, right through to our no-quibble 30 day exchange or refund policy for unopened items, even if a gift did miss the mark slightly! You will be free to relax, browse and choose, knowing there is no risk with your purchase, we are 100% resposible for the entire transaction and all of your information will be protected under the strict European Data Protection Laws (LOPD in Spain: Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personales y garantía de los derechos digitales. )

DIRECT DELIVERY Love your Planet, and each other.
Like you, we really respect our planet and so we disagree with unnecessary Miles or KMs on transport moving things around the world. to then wait to be transported to another part of the world etc. So, as is the modern, community-minded, ecological way, our partners collaborate and hold stock of their own products to despatch instantly and directly to you the moment you place your order. Our products are sent directly to you, with no unnecessary stops along the way.

 On that note; of course don't be concerned if you receive several different packages to complete your order, this will be very familiar if you have ever shopped on the world's largest general online reseller - although sadly we never found stockings to our liking on there!

You will be informed in your order confirmation how many packages to expect. This is what enables us to bring you such a huge choice of products from different brands that we have personally experienced over the years and ALL in one single place, just for you to find easily! We did the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!! We are the One Stop Stockings Shop!

We wish you lots of Love, Excitement and of course FUN...! ==>>TIME TO SHOP!!