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The GS Style Guide: 11. How To Put Hosiery On Safely



Thanks to advances in technology, nowadays hosiery is produced to a much better quality and standards than in the past. They are now stronger and more run resistant and more comfortable than before. Bare in mind the more sheer the hosiery is, the more fragile it is and easier to break or to run.

So, take your time when putting on your hosiery and never do it in a hurry.

Check for fingernails or jewellery that may cause snags before unpacking your tights out of the packaging or putting them on. Make use of thin cotton gloves, which are designed for putting on hosiery or you can apply a bit of lotion to your hands that will also help you keep from snagging your tights- hosiery.

Take a seat and while sitting, gather your hosiery down to the toes, slip your leg smoothly in one at a time, Carefully and gently stretch the length of the tights with both hands over your knees, one leg at a time.

Attach the suspender or garter straps, If using tights, stand up and roll the tights with both hands over the thighs and hips, keep stretching up until the waistband is in place, but slowly and carefully. That will prove as well if you bought the right size. If too small they may give and start to run.


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