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The GS Style Guide: 10. What To Wear When

Stockings fit well for all occasions and most kinds of outfits. Add stockings to an outfit to make it look more sassy and classy. And the best part of wearing them, it hides if there are some poky little hair growing on the legs!

Adding a variety to the stockings drawer will allow styling a boring outfit in many cool ways. There is a wide range of stockings available like fishnets, sheer stockings, floral net and solid ones in such vibrant colours that could even stop the traffic!

All it takes is a slight push to evolve into a stocking fan. One day pairing them with some espadrille sandals, and just like that, a handful of new outfit ideas will pop into the head. Stockings not only make those spring-summer outfits wearable in autumn but also helps add colour to the new autumn wardrobe for transiting seasons — they also add a subtly hot touch to a leggy look, and of course, a bit more warmth.


Office Wear

Hosiery for Work
Wear nude hosiery to an interview and in very formal situations like court, but on a regular day in the office, is it okay to wear sheer or opaque black tights in the office, with a suit or a pencil skirt and there are no specific colour rules but to play it safe you can wear black, gray, or nude-for-you and skip colourful stockings unless it is the weekend. Patterns (swiss dots, ribbed knits, fishnets, lace, etc) are always seen as more casual

Interviewing, in a formal situation (like court), or it’s a big day where with lots of big wigs.

Another good time to wear nude pantyhose: when the legs don’t have any color yet (from sun or fake tan) and they need to have a more even consistency.

It is not a big day, AND you have seen a superior or mid-level do it at your office so you know it is acceptable in your office!

If commuting in flip-flops or other sandals, it’s good to get in the habit of changing into traditional pumps or flats when as arriving at work.


It’s the dead of winter and there is a need extra warmth, or if it’s a more casual day at the office.

Yes, they can be worn with suits — however, know your office; note this is usually more of an “everyday” look, not an “I’m going to court today” look!

The most formal look is always going to be nude-for-you hosiery plus a skirt suit.

Fleece-lined tights do exist for extreme conditions but do not wear dark tights when it is hot outside.

When you want to, but particularly during spring/fall where opaque tights are too dark. Still, a lot of people equate this either as a more casual look, or a nightime, almost sexy look — so know your office before you take any wild style gambles.


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