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The GS Style Guide: 9. Own Style And Personality

Your style personality is what pulls your whole look together. It is your own interpretation of fashion and how you like to wear clothes together and nothing is easier than to express this with different hosiery styles.

Body Shape
Any body shape can wear them the only exception will be the colouring in the tights. Inverted triangle will look great with a stronger colour or pattern to create attention to the lower part of the body to create visual balance. While the rules are exactly the opposite for pear body shape wearers. They are best to keep
the leg line in neutral, darker and solid colours only.

Body Proportion
When you have a longer body and shorter legs keep your hosiery solid, neutral and deeper colours only to elongate your leg line. If you have a short body and longer legs, do exactly the opposite. Have a play with colour and pattern to shorten visually your leg line - if you have small to average calves and knees.

If you have small to average calves you are best to choose hosiery with pattern and/or colour to shorten visually your height. If you have big calves & knees that stick to solid, neutral and darker shades, but go for subtle colour blocking in your look.

The Key to Effortlessly Dressing Like a Chic Parisian - Black Stockings (by Raveen Sandhu)

These are like a reinvention of the little black dress, with an edge on it. Below is a step by step guide on how to use this subtle accessory to have a huge impact on your fashion style.

'Très facile', Keep it simple - As glamourous as it may seem to layer, add and accessorise, a real fashionista would know that minimalism is the key to being classic and edgy. This means toned down colours, straight-line cuts and most important is to keep the make-up simple and natural. The 50 denier opaque black stockings are captivating enough on their own to be paired with these basic items and bring it across as sultry yet elegant, an appropriate look for the avant-garde woman of the 21st century.

Attention to detail - Following from the minimal theme, the lack of overdressing clothes and cluttering with unnecessary accessories will then allow one to pay 'attention to detail'. For instance, a girly, floral print dress can be enhanced with a pair of opaque stockings to create a feminine yet versatile look. 
Because these stockings give a subtle look and leave the rest to the imagination, they are enough to add a bit of flirty playfulness to any outfit. The problem is being too concerned with layers of clothing and accessories, which takes away the focus from the finer details, such as the style of stockings that would suit a particular dress or outfit. The light touches create a greater impact on the outfit as a whole and add the correct balance of class and sensuality to any outfit.

Adapt and change - Rather than always thinking about the sophisticated side of these sultry black stockings you can also use them to add the feminine touch to a more casual or relaxed outfit. Make a cute statement when you pair them up with a short denim skirt, with rips and a pair of flats. This adds spunk to the outfit as it is balanced out well with the right mixture of roughness and elegance. The perfect nude baggy jumper can also be brought out with these as it adds fullness to the top part of the body, leaving the legs looking sleek and dainty. This shows how the opaque stockings can be adapted to a variation of outfits, such as the contrasting straight line office dress, but still adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Now that we have been through the sequence of how these effeminate black stockings can add a luxurious feeling to any outfit, it is important to be able to maintain them well. The Levante Suede Matte 50 Denier Stockings are soft but strong, as they do no tear easily. Because they have a high denier, they will keep you warm during the winter months, when one may normally be hesitant to wearing stockings due to the lack of warmth that normally comes with them, in comparison to tights.

These are like a reinvention of the little black dress, with an edge on it. Below is a step by step guide on how to use this subtle accessory to have a huge impact on your fashion style.

From Thigh-Highs to Lacy Stay-Ups: What Every Stocking Shopper Should Know





Thigh-High Stockings


Thigh-high stockings are a type of hosiery that covers almost the entire leg from the toes to the upper thighs. They're typically worn with a garter strap (or, if you're British, a suspender belt). This is a device that sits around a woman's waist and is fitted with straps that clip onto the stocking tops thereby helping
to keep them in place.

Stockings are said to be a healthier and sometimes more comfortable alternative to pantyhose because, unlike traditional pantyhose which provides greater coverage, stockings allow air to circulate around the upper thighs and crotch area.

As with pantyhose, stockings come in an array of colors and sheers. The latter is expressed in terms of numerical denier: the lower the number, the sheerer the stocking. As a general guide, a standard sheer stocking is labeled 15 denier, while a semi-opaque is 30 denier.

Garter straps are also produced in a variety of colors and styles, from prettily decorated simple designs to more robust corset-style garters.






Stay-Up Stockings

Stay-up stockings (more commonly referred to as stay-ups, hold-ups or thigh highs) are very similar to traditional thigh-high stockings, only they're designed to be worn without a garter strap. To help prevent them sliding down a woman's legs, stay-ups are manufactured with an elasticized band in the top of each
stocking. Not all stay-ups are created equal however and some have a little more staying power than others. Without the need for a garter belt, some women find this type of stocking more convenient to wear.

As with conventional stockings, stay-ups come in an array of colors and sheers. It's possible to buy stay-ups with tops decorated in pretty, elaborate designs making them an extremely attractive piece of hosiery. This is undoubtedly why some women consider stay-ups to be an integral part of their armory of sexy lingerie!






Fishnet Stockings

If you want to be sure that a pair of stockings will do more than merely enhance the shape of your legs, choose a pair of fishnet stockings (or fishnets as they're sometimes called). Fishnet stockings have for some time now been regarded as the epitome in sexy lingerie, although a number of women would agree that it's difficult to achieve a subtle look wearing this type of stocking. Having said that, however, sometimes subtle is exactly what you don't want! Fishnet stockings are also great to wear with a fun outfit or costume.

Stockings come in such a vast array of styles, colors, and sheers that it's possible to create a number of very different looks simply by changing what you wear on your legs.

Whether you want to look sexy, smart, professional, or feminine - or all four - choose the right pair of stockings and you'll achieve the desired result.



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*The Key to Effortlessly Dressing Like a Chic Parisian - Black Stockings (by Raveen Sandhu)

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