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GS Ambassador Resource Centre

GS Ambassador Resource Centre

GS Branding

Logos, Videos and GIFs and more...
Please feel free to use our logos to make your own branded content - but don't forget to tag us & upload it in your File Uploader so we can share it out too!

Branding Material

Giphy GIFs

Giphy GIFs

You can update your profile at any time but please let us know if you do. The change will not be immediate as we check everything first but do please keep your profile up to date and current.
(One of the worst things is to have broken links on there for example!)
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GS Ambassador Blog Submissions

Blog Post Submission

GS Style Guide

We'll be giving this for FREE to all entrants of the Birthday Giveaway - so feel free to Gift it to anyone you like too. (Remember to make your own link to register the client to you)


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