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GS Ambassador Elite Task Force HQ

Elite Task Force HQ

To Do List:

1. GS Ambassador Elite Task Force  Join Telegram Group (💞💖💞 Make Sure You Remember To Follow New People When They Join And Give Them The Warm Welcome They Deserve. 💞💖💞)
2. Make Friends With All E.T.F. Members. (No Egos Here, Only Sales. We all have something to learn from each other, and something to teach each other.)
3. Agree Reasonable, Acheivable Engagement Collaboration Policies.
4. Identify Client Avatar(s)
5. Complete Email Series #1
7. Plan Gift Series #1
9. Promote
E.T.F. Business CentreE.T.F. Resource CentreE.T.F. Ninja Learning Centre

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Current Elite Task Force:

Secret at this time...

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