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Time to SUPERCHARGE yourself!

You are here because you decided to make the most of being a GS Ambassador both with the commissions you earn and the FUN we will all have. 💞💖💞 

Together we will Fast Track you through everything. Break it all down to "one next task" and be up and running within days rather than weeks or months. If you put the effort in, so will you have already seen...


So, here are the basics again, because we always need them to hand and in the forefront of our minds:

  • Brand Image: To show unity within the team and synergy with the brand's ethos of supporting strong, independent, individual people with the latest, greatest and widest selection of quality Legwear at the forefront of fashion.
  • Sales: To generate sales through massive publicity, product presentation and the creation of Internet Assets.
  • Having FUN! 💞💖💞 Planning campaigns, coordinating props and outfits to maximise the effect of the product presentations. Free Nice Stuff!




Current Elite Task Force:

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