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GS Ambassador E.T.F. Ninja Learning Centre

Ninja Learning Centre

"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!"


If You Want To Get Something Different, You Have To DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Ninja Skills!

The fact that you are here at all means that you are already a PROVEN EXPERT in Social Media, so we're going to skip that part completely and move on to what to actually do with such a large following of people that could result in financial rewards.

It's one things having lots of followers, its another thing completely to know what to do with them.

Watch and Learn

Here you will learn the Ninja Skills necessary to get to the TOP...(they will also work on your other businesses!

Watch: A Now look at the form, make a copy for yourself and see what you can fill out Now look at the form, make a copy for yourself and see what you can fill out HERE. Once you get this right, the rest is easy!

Watch: Do you know where all the money on the internet is?
It's in the emails...

Ninja Skills!

"Evergreen Internet Assets"


Email Lists and Blog Posts

Do you know where all the money on the internet is?

It's in the emails...

And this is where you become the centre of everything!

Together we will build a dedicated Glamour Stockings email list, or lists for your fans and we encourage you to help us with content for your very own Blog Posts. 



Email Lists: 1x1x1=12.

 Statistically, if you build an email list and manage it properly, (i.e. send them relevant things in line with their interests and reasons for signing up in the first place,) you can earn and average of 1€ per person on your list, per month.
1x1x1=12 = 1 Person x1€ x1 Month = 12€ Per Year. This is because someone will always buy something, even if not everyone.
So, it could be said that a well managed list of 1000 people should generate an average of 1,000€ profit per month, or 12,000€ per year.

So, lets all try to build a list of minimum 10,000 people to start.

From the very first day you open a new list, you must behave as if there are already 10,000 people on your list. Take care in the content you send them, it must always be the best quality, spellchecked, all links working etc.
Most of this is our job, but we'll need YOUR Voice in there to properly address YOUR Fans to make this an even BIGGER SUCCESS!
Best of all, you only have to write it once and you will benefit from it repeatedly!



Email Series #1 - Main Profile List

Email Series #2 - GSA GIFT Purchase

Google LOVES Blogs:

Watch: If you write about what you do, they are far more likely to link you in Google searches by people looking to buy those items.



Google LOVES Blogs:

See Blog

Did you know Google LOVES Blogs? 💞💖💞

The first thing we'll do a is a Blog Post feauring you and introducing you as a GS Ambassador team member:


1st Blog Post

My First Blog


Have you done your first Blog yet? Well, in case you missed it in the email, we made it real easy for you! Just answer a list of questions you already know the answer to and we'll do the rest.


Blog Post Submission

GS Ambassador Blog Submissions

More Blog Posts will help Google to automatically send people and we'll fill them with links to your profile and specific products using your affiliate link system to link any sale from this to you so you get commission for years to come...not to mention the big chance of them joining that Email List whilst there!

How long should my Blog Post be? the best part about us using Google forms for this is that if you are logged on with them, it will autosave everything and so you can stop and start as you need to and come back later to finish off before sending it.



The Results Of Your Learning, Implementation, Dedication & Hard Work Will Appear Here Below.



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