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You can update your profile at any time but please let us know if you do. The change will not be immediate as we check everything first but do please keep your profile up to date and current.
(One of the worst things is to have broken links on there for example!)
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We want you to make the most of being a GS Ambassador both with the commissions you earn and the FUN we all have. 💞💖💞

As always, there is a serious side to business. We work tirelessly on improving our systems and providing tools and products for you to do your magic and of course the end goal is always about making Sales.

With that in mind, we have broken down the whole process into a series of steps. We have no intention of insulting your intelligence with this, in fact quite the opposite!


  • Brand Image: To show unity within the team and synergy with the brand's ethos of supporting strong, independent, individual people with the latest, greatest and widest selection of quality Legwear at the forefront of fashion.


  • Sales: To generate sales through massive publicity, product presentation and the creation of Internet Assets.


  • Having FUN! 💞💖💞 Planning campaigns, coordinating props and outfits to maximise the effect of the product presentations. Free Nice Stuff!


You will see as you watch this process grow and evolve, we will be asking for your input in many ways but everything has a very calculated strategic reason.

We break it into steps as we know you have a busy life and cannot dedicate much time to this, and guess what, we dont need you to! You can spend 5 minutes here and there slowly going through the process as the secret of what we are doing here is to build something called:


Internet Assets

An Internet Asset is something like your GS Ambassador profile for example.
It is there on our web page and people can visit it, they see they can get a discount using your code and if they do that, of course you earn commission - without actually having done anything extra! (But this is a bit like buying a lottery ticket) You can work to send people to your profile to increase the chance of this but there is more to it than just this.
There are many types of internet assets and we will primarily be focusing on the two most powerful "Evergreen Internet Assets"




Email Lists and Blog Posts


Do you know where all the money on the internet is?


It's in the emails...


And this is where you become the centre of everything!


Together we will build a dedicated Glamour Stockings email list, or lists for your fans and we encourage you to help us with content for your very own Blog Posts. 


There is a reason why your email inbox is so full of junk and why nowadays you only give your email address to someone you really trust that has something of real interest to you...

...because statistically many of those emails work. Enough people are happy to receive them, click and then make purchases to make it worth while sending so many...

We will be working together to build dedicated email lists, with specific laser focused quality and classy messaging so that people who join each list will receive targeted, cool stuff that they love and value, so are happy to receive and many will click and buy long after you have forgotten all the pain you went through thinking about what to write...Most of this is our job, but we'll need YOUR Voice in there to properly address YOUR Fans to make this an even BIGGER SUCCESS! Best of all, you only have to write it once and you will benefit from it repeatedly!


Email Series #1 - Main Profile List
See Blog

Did you know Google LOVES Blogs? 💞💖💞

If you write about what you do, they are far more likely to link you in Google searches by people looking to buy those items.

The first thing we'll do a is a Blog Post feauring you and introducing you as a GS Ambassador team member.

This will help Google to automatically send people to your Blog post and we'll fill it with links to your profile and specific products using your affiliate link system to link any sale from this to you so you get commission for years to come...not to mention the big chance of them joining that Email List whilst there!

Blog Post Submission
GS Ambassador Gift Programs
GSA Gifts V.2
And remember, no matter what happens:

Life Should Be FUN!

NEED HELP? Something Wrong? You Can Contact Martin Directly Anytime On +34634465671 by Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, email or on Instagram. Or You can just use >this form< directly.

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