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Although there is no pressure on our part, we want to get you up and running with the basics as quickly as we can so that you can start earning commissions and we make sales - then we can all relax and enjoy the FUN! 💞💖💞
Following the three simple steps below will give us what we need from you to be able to get everything set up and you started on the road to earning a regular income with Glamour Stockings - even while you sleep!
1. 1st Blog Post: Get noticed by Google for free.
2. Email Series #1: Make sales while you sleep.
3. Driving traffic: Use links to show people where to sign-up & buy. (Scroll to the bottom)


 1st Blog Post

My First Blog
Have you done your first Blog yet? Well, in case you missed it in the email, we made it real easy for you! Just answer a list of questions you already know the answer to and we'll do the rest.


The Secret to the "Passive Income" building automated systems to SPREAD THE LOVE while you sleep.

Please Give It Your ALL.

Take your time, come back time after time, and do a little bit here and there.
Invest the time to build future earnings as a GS Ambassador even while you sleep and long after you have forgotten what a pain it was to make time to fill everything out properly!
This is a Marathon, not a Sprint.

GS Ambassador Elite Task Force

GSA Elite Task Force
Wanna just get on with some selling and fastrack your progress?
Don't Be Shy. Jump In any time...GS Ambassador Elite Task Force
Help and support to guide you through the whole process as quickly as possible.

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