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GS Ambassador Wing

Please join Wing and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!


GS Ambassador Wing



GS Ambassador Wing



Time to meet one of the newest, but never-the-less FANTASTIC MEMBERS of the GS Ambassador Team, another absolute sweetie, (of course) the utterly delightful, sweeter-than-sweet, Wing!

It has to be said that there is a very strong feeling that we got in just in time with Wing - as we watch her career exploding before our very eyes - See recent BIG NEWS Blog Post!

We are sure that if we had waited a moment longer, Wing would have been too busy to even see, let alone reply to our messages!

We consider ourselves VERY LUCKY to have her and her AMAZING ENERGY helping us to keep going onwards and upwards - not to mention the tremendous pictures & videos, tireless work behind the scenes and profound knowledge & expertise in all that she does - the full package, a total all rounder and the Real Deal! We look forward to a BRIGHT FUTURE together and to supporting Wing in any way we can. 💞💖💞


Welcome to the Team GS Ambassador Wing!


So Wing, your turn, we're dying to know! Please, tell us all about you...

English-Chinese from the United Kingdom, Wing can speak English & Chinese. She has strong connections with her family and fond memories of travelling all over with them as a child.

During her GCSE’s year 10, she had to apply for work experience and worked at a huge kennel and cattery. She absolutely loved being with animals all the time and has never lost her connection and natural touch with them.

What first attracted you to Stockings, WingFrom a young age, I had already developed an interest in stockings/tights. Very girly and fun and there’s loads of different types. Also a great way to layer up with the outfits.

What makes you like Stockings so much? They make me feel hotter, sexier. There’s tons of different types of stockings to mix & match. Fun way to create outfits.

How did you find out about Glamour Stockings? I got a surpise message in my Instagram Inbox one day!

What do you like about being a GS AmbassadorA lot of great products - and you can earn commission when a product is sold with your discount code (MIKA)


GS Ambassador Wing

What is your main job now? Digital content creator and Model. Side hustle: Jewellery maker.  

Have you managed to travel anywhere lately? Yes, my last trip was actually during Covid. We went to Rome in Italy to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Where & when is your next trip? Christmas! To Birmingham

What beauty accessory would you never travel without? Eyeliner!

What item of clothing would you never travel without? A nice set of lingerie.

What is your favourite country? France, Paris is very romantic!

Where was your favourite ever holiday? Thailand. Super cool hotels, big pools, beaches, sunny, great food everywhere… fresh coconut at the beach...? 🥥🌴😎


What else do you like to do? Cat lover.


Which is your favourite meal of the day? First meal of the day. Most of the times I only eat one meal per day so…does that make it always breakfast?

What is your favourite food? Sushi. Japanese food.

Favourite drink? Alcoholic drinks? Mojito.

What's your favourite song? So high doja cat

And best Movie?  This is hard. Just watch all the Studio Gibili.

How do you like to relax? Music, chill with my cat

What is your fitness regime? Drink water.

What's the best thing about your lifestyle right now? My Freedom

Dog Needed!

If it isn't already, is there anything missing that would make this your Best Life? A dog. I’m missing a dog 🐶 

What do you LOVE?

Cats...and dogs, and Cats.

What do you HATE?

Hate small minded people, and racism. 


Do you have an unusual talent or skill? If so, what? Recently got a mic so hoping to start doing some asmr

Do you have any crazy birthday traditions? Not really, as you get older you realise it’s not much of a deal with birthdays

What is your best style tip? Dress how you like

What about a top beauty trick or short cut? Always paint your nails.

What part of your beauty regime would you never skip? No matter what... Remove your makeup before you go to bed

What's coming up next for Wing? Christmas and being with the family. Arranged 2 studio shoots in the new year! Hoping to get more lingerie/corset types of products that fit XS to promote for my petite audience / followers. Planning to sell this apartment and move onto a better & bigger place at some point soon...

What do we all need to do right now to make the world a better place? Stop all kinds of racism. Start loving the earth and animals and stop polluting the sea.


Glamour Stockings loves supporting strong, independent, individuals like Wing and helping them to live their dream lives whilst helping us to market our awesome selection of products to all you equally cool and like-minded people out there. We love nothing more than to send her anything she likes from our store and to sit back and watch her take absolute control and ROCK THE SHOW! As we know, you do too! 😁

We are so delighted and proud to say, in just one year, we have helped many lovely people like you to buy our StockingsHold-UpsSocks and general Lingerie items with WORLDWIDE DELIVERY including places like: USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Austria, England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Japan, South Korea, Tawian, Australia and MANY more...the list just keeps on growing,Thank You guys! 💞💖💞

GS Ambassador Wing

"Thank you for having me! Wing x"


Life Should Be FUN!


Please join Wing and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!

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