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GS Ambassador Victoria Summers

Please join Victoria and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!


GS Ambassador Victoria

GS Ambassador Victoria



Only the best people get to become a GS Ambassador, so it was only logical to make friends with one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and a Real English Rose, Victoria!

Our English girl Victoria joined the GS family right at the very beginning and has always brought her Sparkle, her Neons and of course her Dazzling Beauty & Hypnotic Smile to the Party!

So we grabbed Victoria and got her to tell us all about herself, so we can tell you...

From the United Kingdom, Victoria likes to spend as much time away in the Sunshine as she can and so in 2012 went off on her own to spend time living and working in Ibiza. Intelligent as well as gorgeous, Victoria picked up some Spanish and German along the way!

Going from working in a shop after school at the age of 14, once Victoria became a model things started to take off for her and life got really exciting!

How did you first get into Stockings, Victoria?  When I first started modelling I had to wear some and suddenly realised how cool they are!

What makes you like Stockings so much? They are sexy and make me feel sexy!

We know you love the sunshine, have you been missing it with all the restrictions? No Way! I was in Gran Canaria back in November and often visit family and friends in Spain whenever I can.

Next trip? Possibly for my birthday in February Who knows!

What would you never travel without? My eyebrow pencil

What item of clothing would you never travel without? Stockings obviously! 😉

What is your favourite country? I still have a lot of places I want to go. My favourite place is Ibiza the vibe there is just magical it got me at a very young age and I have been back every year.

Where & when was your favourite ever holiday? Living and working in Ibiza for 7 months. Nothing will ever compare. 2012

What is you main job now? Model. I'm also a Secretary/PA and do nails sometimes. 

What do you LOVE about being a GS Ambassador, Victoria? The lovely owner, the amazing products and quality of them I just love being able to wear and promote the best Lingerie and Stockings!


GS Ambassador Victoria



What's your favourite thing in store? The neon stockings.

What do you like to do? I like the simple things in life:
Spending time with my gorgeous chihuahuas
Spending time with family and friends
The odd night out
Holidays and weekends away.
I LOVE the sun!
Walking I love the outside and countryside

What do you LOVE?

So bad but I love sweets I could live on them

I love breakfast! Protein yoghurt with blueberries, dried fruit and a sprinkle of granola.

Coffee I just love coffee

I LOVE the sun!

I LOVE going to the Gym - I live for it!!

What do you HATE?

Rude people

I hate baked beans and any form of red meat!

What would you change about the world? Animals would not be killed for food! And people who are cruel to animals get tougher sentencing.

Best style trick? Be yourself wear what YOU want.

What is your best beauty trick or short cut? Less is more.

What part of your beauty regime would you never skip? No matter what... Taking make-up off it is a must! 

How do you keep fit? Gym 5 days a week weights and a bit of cardio if I can fit it in

Do you like to go crazy for your Birthday? Yes of course I'd celebrate all month if I could lol. I usually go on holiday and a couple of nights/days out.

Favourite song of all time? I have 3...
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Favourite movie of all time? I don't watch many but I really liked Cruel Intentions

What do you like to do to relax? Watch TV a couple of hours each night 

What should we all do right now to make the world a better place? I always conserve water and drive as little as poss!

Thank you so much Victoria, have you got any more news about plans for the future?A few things in the pipeline, so watch this space :) I plan to keep doing what I'm doing with Glamour Stockings :) Hopefully be living in Spain within a few years. I don't have it all but I feel like I'm living my dream and I'm happy.

GS Ambassador Victoria

Glamour Stockings loves to support strong, independent, individuals like Victoria and help them to live their dream lives through them helping us to bring our awesome selection of products to the attention of lots of equally cool and like-minded people. We love nothing more than to send her anything she likes from our store and sit back to watch her perform her magic! As we know, so do you!

We are so delighted and proud to say, in just one year, we have helped people buy our StockingsHold-UpsSocks and general Lingerie items with DELIVERY ALL OVER THE WORLD including places like: USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Austria, England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Japan, South Korea, Tawian, Australia and MANY more...


GS Ambassador Victoria

"Thanks for reading :) much love, Victoria x"




Please join Victoria and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!


Life Should Be FUN!

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