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GS Ambassador Lilibeth in Stockings

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GS Ambassador Lilibeth in Stockings

GS Ambassador Lilibeth in Stockings



Lovely Lilibeth in Stockings joined our team of GS Ambassadors in March 2022, thanks to being introduced to us by her dear friend and fellow GS Ambassador, Violet Denier. They did an EPIC series of pics together and when we saw them, we said: "WE NEED that lady on our team!! 😍💞💖💞"


So, as it has now become our tradition, we hit Lilibeth up with a bunch of questions about life so we can give her a proper introduction and welcome in the true Glamour Stockings style...

A serial Ex-Pat roaming around the world, Lilibeth in Stockings can speak English, French, Hungarian, smattering of Italian and Chinese! A great fit for the international GS Ambassador team!

Always the black sheep in the family, Lilibeth had the travel bug from a young age and still always travels a lot, last time she had been in Mexico a only a couple of weeks before.

Lilibeth is a Shoe Designer and when we asked about her first ever job "Helping out at a friend's family business with office work and oh, it was a long long time ago! 😉" was her answer.

What first caught your interest in Stockings, Lilibeth? "Well funny enough I grew up thinking without them, it is not an outfit. Both my grandma and my mother are really glamorous and I don't remember ever seeing them in trousers. They were staunch skirt wearing ladies, so I followed in their steps." 👠

What is it that you like about Stockings, how do they make life better? "Tights or Stockings make even not-too-great-legs look better and, if you have a great pair, (and mine aren't bad! 😉) they make them look absolutely gorgeous! It shows off all the muscles and makes your ankle thinner. It also makes you feel more glamorous and sexy, which adds to your confidence. "

What is your top style tip? Less is more. Follow the classic rule of if one part of the body is bare, the rest should be more covered.

What is your best beauty shortcut? "I have curly hair, and thrown out my brush years ago. Just hand comb it when I have wash it with conditioner and voila, happy curls!"

What part of your beauty regime would you never skip? "My night face cream. I would wake up a mummy without it."

What would you never travel without? "Well one is a perfume and a hand cream. Flights make my skin super dry and I like to smell fresh. And of course a pair of tights 😉"

How did you find out about Glamour Stockings? "My really good friend Violet Denier showed it to me."

What's your favourite thing about Glamour Stockings? "I love the selection Glamour Stockings is offering. There are something for every occasion. "

What do you LOVE about being a GS Ambassador? "The team is really helpful and I like the whole idea of somebody can just buy me gifts. I can give my fans what they ask ( some like to choose what they would like to see on me) which is just great!" 

What do you LOVE?

🛫 "Travel, travel and more travel. I'm a travel-junkie."

🪑 "I also love to restore old furniture"

🌐 What is your favourite country? "I do not have a favourite one, every one I have been had its charm."

Tell us about an adventure you had? "I like to make impulse travel decisions. I was flying out for work and the last minute I decided on the way back I will stop in Singapore for a couple of days. I was sitting in a park there feeling a bit down when this old Thai/Singaporean stopped and we started to talk.

He was like "I can read palms..."

I was like "yeah sure..."( in the back of my mind I was also thinking it is some kind of money making scam) in the end he did it and it was the strangest conversation I ever had with a stranger. Then he stood up, gave me a really heartfelt hug and left. This is why I love to travel 😊"

What was your favouite ever holiday? "Maybe in Australia, the great barrier reef. I love the ocean and diving and it was just spectacular."

What is your favourite food? "That is a hard one! I don't have one I could just eat over and over again, I love variety and to just say today I want to eat Vietnamese and tomorrow Italian. But I definitely a soup person."

What is your favourite meal? "Dinner."

What is your favourite drink? "Daytime it is good quality green tea ( not a teabag kind) and on occasion I'm partial to a gin&tonic"

What is your favourite song of all time? "Massive Attack-Unfinished Symphony"

What is your favourite movie? Gattaca

Tell us about an embarrassing moment? "I went for a massage and of course you have to get naked except your panties but every time it also gets oily so I usually bring an other one with me. This time I was late so I was already wearing a coat when I remembered to get an other panties. I grabbed one ( a lacy red number) and just stuffed in my coat pocket. I was standing on a packed bus heading to the massage place. I wanted to get a tissue out of my pocket and as I pulled one out my red lacy underwear fall straight into a good looking guy's lap. I turned exactly the same shade of red as my thong...." 😂😂

What do you HATE?

"Hypocrisy and judgmentalism. I believe in live and let others live up so long as they do not hurt anybody."

"Syrupy fizzy drinks and subway sandwiches (I don't know why but even the smell of that shop makes me green)" 🤢

What needs to change in the world? "I wish people would have more empathy to each other and politicians would not be a carrier choice but a duty to serve."

What are you doing now to make the world better? "I try to help where I can and be considerate. I do believe it is the small things done constantly that can make a nicer future not one big thing. I believe in the butterfly effect."

Tell us about something that went wrong? "I had a really really late flight to Amsterdam for work. My boss's assistant booked me a hotel ( the same one as my boss used and he is...well...let's just say he likes the red light district) which I realized after I arrived...

Lilibeth in Resminata Black that part of Amsterdam is a maze, and my phone just died on me. So I was in the middle of the red light district at midnight with a tiny suitcase and dressed to kill ( I was in a meeting in Paris just before my flight) and had no idea where the hell my hotel was. And it got worse as 3 huge guys just approached me. I was like oh great! One of them was like, you are looking lost, where are you going? I was staring to freak out. The other was like, where are you from? I felt like least I had to answer one of them so I told the guy where I'm from. Then he whipped out his Ipad and was like oh I just have seen this really funny video from your country! It was surreal! While he showed me the video the other guy was saying he is working in the hotel business in Amsterdam for 20 years. I took my chances and asked where my hotel is. They were actually really sweet and told me where it is, and said their goodbyes. So in the end this was a great story but I had some choice words to my boss and assistant when I arrived back to the office." 😳😮😲

What do you do to relax? "I'm a bookworm so give me a good book some dark chocolate and a fluffy blanket and I'm zen"

What do you do to keep fit? "I love dancing so I go to dance classes"

What's next for Lilibeth? "Another travel trip of course! 😁 Tenerife"

Next for Lilibeth and Glamour Stockings? "To start with I will share it with my fans"

Where will you be next year? "That is a good question, I haven't decided just yet!"

Where will you be in 5 years? "It is too hard of a question, I do not even know where I will be in the next month 😁"

What's the best thing about your life? "The travel and the creativity. I like my life as it is, it has all the elements I want. The freedom , the creativity and the FUN!!"

Please join Lilibeth and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our Monthly GIVEAWAY!

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