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GS Ambassador Kociminetka

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GS Ambassador Kociminetka

GS Ambassador Kociminetka


Our beloved Kociminetka was the first ever GS Ambassador.
She liked our idea so much that she pledged her lifelong support right from day one, back when there was almost nothing to support!
At that time it was just an idea of supporting strong, independent, individual people with the latest, greatest and widest selection of quality Legwear at the forefront of fashion and supplying them indiscriminately to people all over the world, wherever they are.
When we met it was our very beginning, we were just starting our Instagram Account, we had 67 followers and were testing what people liked, wondering how we would get our first 500 followers! We were watching and admiring the work of powerful, professional accounts like Kociminetka's. At that time she had over 50,000 followers (you should see how many she has now!!)
We decided to take a gamble and cheekily shared one of her photos, of her looking amazing modelling some cool, luxury stockings and an amazing Lingerie set, of course we tagged her and mentioned her in the "repost." But we wondered if we might get in trouble for this as we hadn't asked her permission!
Her response was to do an Instagram Story to thank us for sharing her pic!
We were absolutely delighted to feel the love as you can imagine! Her story gained us around 50 followers immediately and our Instagram started to light up with notifications and interest from people asking when we would open our shop!

We will always be grateful to our beloved Kociminetka for giving us this first push on our road to Stardom!

Here is THAT very Picture we cheekily shared:

Kociminetka in Acarin Lingerie Set



During one of the very first conversations we had with Kociminetka, she told us she is Polish, currently living in Croatia but wouldn't be there for ever as she likes to change country every five years or so! She had already constructed her dream life, successful in her own right and lives exactly where she pleases.

An ethos very close to the heart of Glamour Stockings. We too enjoy that choice, although we choose to remain very happy in Spain with no plans to change other than by expansion!

We think Kociminetka's freedom to choose where she lives is so cool!

We look to support strong, independent, individuals like her and help them to facilitate their dream lives through them helping us to bring our awesome products to the attention of ever increasing audiences of equally cool and like-minded people. We love sending her anything she likes from our store and sitting back to watch the magic happen! As do you...

We are so delighted and proud to say, just one year later, we have now helped people buy our StockingsHold-UpsSocks and general Lingerie items ALL OVER THE WORLD including places like: USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Japan, South Korea, Tawian and MANY more...

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Please join Kociminetka and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our 1st Birthday GIVEAWAY!


Life Should Be FUN!

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