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GS Ambassador Baby Angel

Please join Baby Angel and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!

GS Ambassador Baby Angel

GS Ambassador Baby Angel



The lovely Baby Angel was our second ever GS Ambassador.

She is also so sweet and sincere that we made friends the first instant and have remained so ever since!

We decided to quiz her all about her life and spill the beans right here:

Born in Italy in a secret location on a secret date, Baby Angel was always a little girl who loved to be outdoors, to run around and say hello to one and all.

At the same time she loved to sew clothes for her dolls and above all, already loved to make them wear stockings, socks very specifically and also little sexy clothes!

At the age of 19, after her high school graduation, Baby Angel decided to leave for Florida on her own and escape her hometown for a while. She lived for almost 2 and a half years between Miami, Tampa and other cities, collecting unique emotions and experiences that made her grow into the amazing woman we know and love today.

A secret: "Even if it was hot in Florida, I still had my stockings and sexy lingerie in my suitcase!"

By just 22 years old, she already loved sexy lingerie and everything that was hot... but when she discovered stockings no one ever took them off her legs... now she has 3 drawers full of them! 

Why do you love stockings so much Baby? "I love my legs and when I wear stockings they are enhanced even more... but above all I love to be looked at and knowing that I have something sexy and hot on, makes me even more excited!"

Things haven't exactly been easy since 2020 but do you like travelling abroad?

"I love to travel, especially to places with crystal clear sea and wild places. My last trip was this summer 2021 to the island of Cavallo (Corse).An almost private island, for a few and with wonderful sea.

My favourite ever holiday was in the Maldives, a real holiday I won't forget."

What would you never travel without? "My stockings and lingerie, My jewellery and heels and of course My bag!"

What is your favourite country? "Definitely Italy... but Florida also left a great impression on me."

What is your main job now? "I work as a personal trainer ( even under my overalls I sometimes wear stocks ) and. In the office..."

Baby Angel Jogging Bottoms With Stockings

What other types of work have you done? "I have done many jobs, but the first one you never forget. I worked in a "Made in Italy" jewellery and costume jewellery shop and it was a great experience."

What do you LOVE about being a GS Ambassador? "They are a wonderful website, all friendly and helpful at all times... I couldn't find better! 
They make it possible to discover more than just buying the usual stockings or pantyhose... you can meet your ambassadors like me and learn a little more about this sexy world! We are a great team and we support each other! Because right from the start they made us feel like one big family."

What do you LOVE?

"I love everything about this life, the past that teaches you and the future that is full of dreams!"

"I love doing sports, drinking a good glass of wine with the people I love and relaxing on the sofa wearing socks while watching a film."

"I love to eat, Italian food of course! I love pizza, pasta... but also yoghurt and strawberry flavoured ice cream!"

"I love Weekend dinners and lunches with good food and wine are the best times of the week." 

"I love rosé wines, but I also love whiskey sours to drink while wearing my favourite socks."

What do you HATE?

I hate people who are selfish and people who do not know how to give smiles. 

I hate rum and capers 

What would you change about the world? People, those who do not know how to respect others and do not love. 

Tell us about you, your hidden Talents and Funny moments?

"I was the Italian champion in 100m hurdles in athletics at the age of 17. I am good in many sports!

But I also draw very well..." 


Baby Angel Art


"OMG! One evening I went out for an aperitif, I had a long elegant coat ... but underneath I hadn't remembered that I hadn't put on a skirt but only stockings ... so when we arrived at the restaurant and I took my coat off, everyone turned to admire me...! Do you wish you had been there too?!"

HAHAHA! Thank you so much Baby, what is you best advice to take away with us? (Apart from remembering one's skirt!) "Don’t be afraid to be sexy . Everyone has their own sexiness"

Best style trick? "A long jacket and underneath a mini dress with stockings."

What should we do right now? "Wear lingerie & stockings, go out for a walk and you will surely feel more beautiful!"


Baby Angel Bow Seamed Stockings

Glamour Stockings looks to support strong, independent, individuals like Baby Angel and help them to live their dream lives through them helping us to bring our awesome products to the attention of ever increasing audiences of equally cool and like-minded people. We love to send her anything she likes from our store and sit back to watch the magic happen! As do you...

We are so delighted and proud to say, in just one year, we have helped people buy our StockingsHold-UpsSocks and general Lingerie items ALL OVER THE WORLD including places like: USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Japan, South Korea, Tawian and MANY more...

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Please join Baby Angel and us in celebrating our fantastic journey together with our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!


Life Should Be FUN!

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