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The GS Style Guide: 5. Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Body Shape

Hosiery is not only an easy way but also an inexpensive way to update a wardrobe with different styles and trends. These days there are a wide variety of tights and stockings available. No matter what the fashion, from career wear to formals, leg and calve type, petite in size to tall or bigger sizes, and no matter
what the occasion from weddings to day or evening events, what the personality is or what the budget is the options are numerous. That means there is a leg type, shape and colour for everyone since only a few privileged wearers can wear all the styles, shapes and colours in the spectrum.

Choosing the right colour and style will help to flatter the shape of the leg and provide the right fit for the legs and calves. In general light colour details are not so good for big calves, darker colours will minimize and make the legs appear slimmer. Shades that matches the colour of the heel will make the leg line look

Knowing the body shape rules before choosing hosiery and choosing the right type for the body shape is critial. Some body shapes are better with attention in the leg line and other are best to keep lean and clean. Patterns and bright colour add visual volume to the leg line. Just because it comes in the right size, doesn't mean it will look right on. Patterns and bright colours make the leg line look fuller as well as bringing attention to it. Make sure to create the right focus on the leg line. As well as watching out when needing to do proportional dressing - they are best for a short body and long legs and average to tall height.

When short in height try to create a monochromatic look - the same colour from head to toe. For a taller silhouette do the opposite by breaking/splitting the colour palette of the look choosing contrast in colour, and/or pattern, and/or texture. 

With big calves and knees keep to solid neutral, darker shades with a higher denier. It will have a slimming effect. Patterns and bright colours only highlight the calf size in a negative light, because it adds visual volume. 

It is best to choose hosiery with at 40 denier or more with veins or other skin blemishes on the leg to cover up. 

With more mature skin choose 21 + denier to add vibrance and a youthful look. Shine & gloss are great to overcome any dullness of the skin.

Also, wearers with mature skin are best to choose hosiery with a pattern rather than to go for plain ones, because they easily date the look. Patterned hosiery will simply add a more current look and feel. Go a size bigger, it will give better comfort when wearing, make it easer to get in and minimise the risk of runs.


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