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The GS Style Guide: 3. Hosiery Charactaristics


Made from stretchy nylon that clings gently to the leg line. Less sheer, more durable than ultrasheers.
Perfect for everyday wear.

Day sheers are the perfect 9-to-5 leg wear. Black or nude with a dress or suit makes for that sassy and classy office look.

Opaque hosiery
This is hosiery that is not see-through and can look heavy. Very suitable for cold climates as it gives warmth and can make the body feel very comfortable. This type of hosiery has a denier of 40 and above.

Silk or Gloss hosiery
These are made of special fabrics thatgive a shimmer or glossy polished shining look.

Seamed hosiery
This refers to hosiery with a seam – the hosiery is made fully knitted with a seam (usually seen at the back of the leg) on special cirsular machines. They are made of stretch knit fabric with lycra. There is a false seam along the back, for added style.

Fully fashioned hosiery
This hosiery is flatly knitted and then stitched with a seam that runs down the back of the leg or the inside seam of the leg. This is made of non-stretch Nylon fibers – lace hosiery is an example.


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